Hi everybody, this is our first blog post so bear with us as we are new to this..

We will be informing you of new & exciting products that are due to arrive, advising which products are running low or being run out & also asking you our customers for your input with any possible new product, with looks, colours etc, we also want to hear from you if there is something we don’t stock & you feel could be wanted by New Zealanders & if we thinks its a go we will seriously consider it..

Please remember we do have a small showroom at our warehouse in Tauranga, we don’t have all our product on display as the showroom is too small, but we have a good range, most of the product comes from the same factory so it will give you an idea, we are open Mon to Fri 9am till 4.30pm & weekends just give me a call & we can arrange a time that suits to meet..

Thanks for reading… Gary